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How can I become a cheer athlete?

SA Cheer Team - Cheer AthleteTo become a cheer athlete takes time and dedication but offer the most wonderful feeling of achievement.

Training to become a cheer athlete can take anything from 1 to 10 years with approximately 3.5 hours per week of training.

Competition divisions are levels 1 – 6 and each level requires certain skills that need to be mastered.

Entry level cheerleading involves learning to tumble including cartwheels, bridges and walkovers. You will also learn to stunt and perform pyramids as part of a competition routine.

Levels 2-4 include skills such as handsprings, tucks and layout flipping skills. Stunting levels become more advanced as you progress through the levels and the difficulty of choreography becomes more advanced also.

Level 6 includes twisting skills in tumbling and our most advanced level of stunting. Once athletes have reached this level they are eligible to represent the Academy and England at the USASF World Championships.

At SA Academy we offer a variety of cheerleading classes to young people who wish to become a cheer athlete. To find out more about how to become a cheer athlete in the West Midlands with SA Academy, please contact our Cheer Academy team or see our cheer academy website page for more details.