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Tumbling Classes West Midlands

SA Academy offer tumbling classes West Midlands to all tumbling athlete levels and abilities. From beginners up to more advanced competitions, we provide all of the expertise tumbling athletes need. Our classes are open for all ages of interest from toddler tumbling to advanced skills. 

Across the West Midlands region, including Wolverhampton and Dudley areas, our tumbling classes provide a lot of fun for tumbling athletes who are keen to improve their tumble skills, with a focus on floor routine performance but without apparatus; similar to those floor routines seen in gymnastics.

For this reason, performing at SA Academy on a sprung floor, within an extensive rehearsal space and with regular practice, tumbling routines can soon be achieved by linking together floor gymnastic and acrobatic type skills such as:

  • Somersaults
  • flips and twists
  • cartwheels
  • handsprings.

Furthermore, tumbling classes are energetic and require skill development with some gymnastics experience an advantage, but not essential.

What do our SA Academy tumbling classes West Midlands include?

  • Floor tumbling
  • Fast tracks and air tracks
  • Jumps

Ultimately, to find out more about what our SA Academy tumbling classes in the West Midlands have to offer, please contact us or book a session via our website.